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    • Pakatan Harapan to register with ROS

      UPDATED 8.15PM | The Harapan leadership council also agrees on the need for common logo and manifesto. Read more

    • Mukhriz throws ex-aide RM1b dare, ropes in 'Wolf of Wall Street'

      Former MB says if Haris can prove he has RM1 billion, he will donate the sum to two areas. Read more

    • Kit Siang: Demonise me all you want, I won't quit

      Lim Kit Siang says 'dirty' campaign to discredit him won't stop him from 'soldiering on' during GE14. Read more

    • This is during PDRM's anti-crime demonstration during the Police Day 2017 celebrations. Read more

      Photo by Md Nazir Sufari


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