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    • How low will Low go to defend Najib?

    • Salleh, just answer one question - SRC’s RM42m

    • KiniTV breaks 100m views within 8 months


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        • Will Najib survive no-confidence vote?

          Analysts have mixed views on whether the PM will be able to weather the storm should it happen when Parliament reconvenes.

            Geraldine Tong
        • Bersih 4 - Nazri tells cops not to waste time on Dr M

          UPDATED 8.33PM He points out Mahathir didn't throw a bomb or break doors and windows at Bersih 4.

            Kow Gah Chie
        • Police: Claim by Rumah Api women detainees baseless

          Probe showed Pandan Indah police followed the procedure and lock-up rules, says S'gor top cop. 

        • Tunku Aziz: TI head's criticism of Najib is ill-informed

          The former TI-M head slams Ugaz for targeting PM over his RM2.6 billion scandal.

        • Zahid: Gov't is serious in fighting corruption

          This has been proven by the increase in the number of cases with convictions, says DPM.



          • Salleh to Anwar: Is PAS still part of opposition pact?

            Impossible for PAS and Amanah to be in the same coalition, says minister.


          • Mindef has become more transparent, says TI-M

            This could be seen from ministry's willingness to respond to the assessment, it says.


          • 'Bersih 4 Chinese numbers no indication of MCA rejection'

            Party leaders point out that even though Bersih was dominated by Malays, the MCA still lost support.

          • Liow denies MCA under him has gone limp

            MCA president says party's stand on issues like 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion and Bersih 4 is very clear but he does not say what the stand is.

          • Unwise to sack Muhyiddin and Shafie, warns Umno leader

            Elected by 3.2 million members, their fate cannot be decided by 40 leaders, says Mohamad Aziz.

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