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    • How a smile brought schooling to Bajau Laut kids

      Chuah Ee Chia co-founds Iskul Bajau DiLaut Omadal after becoming intrigued by their way of life. Read more

      Harith Najmuddin

    • Najib jittery; poll predicts PAS wipeout; Jho Low’s arrest urged

      KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief Read more

      Kini Roundup

    • Countdown to GE14 starting with Khalid Samad's fine?

      YOURSAY | 'At this rate, very soon all opposition lawmakers will be put in cold storage'. Read more


    • A motorcyclist rides pass hanging lanterns in Kajang ahead of the Chinese New Year. Read more

      Photo by Md Nazir Sufari


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            No one has come out in support of the ‘kapcai’ ban

            Many quarters asking the minister to reconsider.

            Zan Azlee
            'Zan Azlee'

            This is why Umno always has the advantage

            Addressing issues with an election strategy in mind.

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'

            Shameful injustice

            How can we change this form of mis-governance?

            KJ John
            'KJ John'


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