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    • Minister tells anti-corruption meet there is God, mustn't worry

    • S'pore minister: Luckily, we're not M'sians

    • TI: Absence of answers on RM2.6b fuels suspicion, mistrust

        Nigel Aw


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        • Dr M's support letter for me is for all M'sians too: Anina

          [UPDATED 4.58PM] She says she is very touched to have received Mahathir's letter in her legal battle against the prime minister.

            Anne Muhammad
        • Penang PAS man blasted for Kg Mutiara blame game

          Ex-councillor Iszuree should know the legal aspects but insists on slandering state, says Zairil.

        • With Najib taking heat, Tunku Aziz aims at 'corrupt' Dr M

          Mahathir used every repressive apparatus of the state to keep people down, says the MACC adviser.

            Nigel Aw
        • Everything going downhill for M'sia, rues Nazir

          PM's brother can't remember the last time things were so bleak for the country.

        • MACC: M'sia critics at IACC may not have all facts

          UPDATED 5.05PM It is only their views, says deputy commissioner on the tough talk by representatives.

            Nigel Aw
        • MACC No 2 sidesteps poser on when PM will be quizzed

          UPDATED 5.05PM 'There is no need to answer,' Mustafar Ali says at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference.

            Nigel Aw
        • Bukit Aman queries Pua under 124B over 1MDB

          UPDATED 5PM MP says he knows Clare Rewcastle-Brown from Sarawak Report but has never met Justo.

            Radzi Razak
        • Bersih chief, MP and two others to be charged

          UPDATED 3.45PM The four will be charged for taking part in the Kita Lawan rally on March 28.


          • Najib can't hide RM2.6b in digital age: Foreign delegate

            Those attempting to cover-up, David Kaplan tells IACC, are out of touch with the times.

              Nigel Aw

          • Ex-IGP's son pours scorn on Khalid for bowing to politicians

            Abdul Rahman Hashim's son says IGP has forsaken courage and dignity of the badge.

              Norman Goh

          • Nurul Izzah: 1MDB accounts freeze justifies legal suit

            MP says opposition is alarmed accounts were frozen on suspicion of corruption, money-laundering.

              Hafiz Yatim

          • Step down, UNCAC chief tells Najib

            Manzoor Hassan says probe into RM2.6 billion must proceed without interference.

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