Desperate housewives on MCA Lane, minus the wit

Malacca voters must be wondering how it is that an alleged affair between the Penang chief minister and his staff member deserved attention during the state assembly.

Even the desperate housewives of Wisteria Lane have more class than MCA. This must be the first time in history where instead of confronting the man accused of an affair, the accuser went after his wife. Huh?

And this was done during a state assembly session? Huh? Is Lim Guan Eng so powerful that even his supposed affair can threaten to derail Malacca's development or cause a public demonstration by Malacca's outraged wives?

And then we have the son of probably the most well-exposed politician (pun intended) in Malaysia, doing his own exposé - revealing headline-grabbing RM1 billion financial irregularities involving the Selangor Pakatan government.

No sooner had he gleefully crowed to the press in all his youthful glory on his discovery, it was revealed that his accusations lacked the very important ingredient that MCA has always failed to display - that of the truth.

MCA can now proudly claim that they have attained that much-desperately sought after status as Umno. They have sunk to the same levels as that of their big brother, by engaging in a tasteless and immoral campaign of character assassination and false accusations against their political opponents.

Finally, MCA can proudly exchange gossip involving Pakatan leaders with Umno over afternoon tea, as nothing can so threaten national security as that of the night activities of opposition leaders. MIC must feel oh, so left out...

But this recent farcical drama is very much in DAP's favour. Any last ounce of doubt as to whether MCA should be given a chance to redeem itself has now vanished. Lim says he is no Chua Soi Lek.

A more apt comparison: Chua Soi Lek is no Lim Kit Siang, and Chua Tee Yong is no Lim Guan Eng. As the teleseries Desperate Housewives ends its final season on TV, it is also time to end MCA's less than inspiring show televised in Malaysia’s political theatre.

At the very least, MCA leaders will have more time now to watch the reruns at home, and allow serious men to do the serious business of running the country.