Rising crime: Gov't, not the cops, solely to blame

Malaysia is crime infested. Even the former inspector-general of police (IGP) has spoken without favour or fear on the fact.
Malaysians live in fear. Even by comparison with our neigbouring countries and distant lands, we who have travelled know all too well that Malaysians are having a raw deal when it comes to their public safety.
In which country do you have motorists terrorisng the streets in broad daylight and all night long?
Malaysians go to bed with fear of being robbed as much as they do when they go outdoors, clutching tightly to their handbags and being wary of alleys and car parks.
And everyday at least one policeman or woman is dying - an average of 300-plus deaths owing to illness or on-the-job risks, including crime related and stress induced reasons.
But politicians are going all out blaming the citizens for their seemingly 'flawed' perception thinking that crime is on the rise. The latest is a barrage of denials by politicians using statistics as a defence.
Hello politicians, the only yardstick to measure public safety is when houses do not have to be barricaded with iron and now, even with steel grills and high gates plus CCTV cameras, guard dogs, padlocks and what have you.
The measure of public safety is when women can safely park and shop without having to throw glances over their shoulders, look for a companion before going out shopping, and clutch their handbags and take hurried steps.
We cannot blame the policemen either. It is the BN government that has not prioritised support for the recruitment and need for an increase of manpower. It is the BN leaders who have not given much attention to the well-being, health and wealth of the humble cop.
Do we know how hard it is to be a good cop these days? Do you know what pathetic meals are offered for cops on special duty? Do you know how hard it is and how long it takes for their claims to be processed?
Yet the cops cannot complain. And that is what the politicians have made the cops out to be.
Cops are very demoralised these days. They have become the brunt of the collapse of the acceptable levels of public safety. And now the BN leaders are hiding behind the public's anger on the police.
Let us face it. The leaders of the BN government have failed. Not the police. Not the citizens. Politicians must stop pushing the ball into the court of the humble cop and helpless citizens.
Is it then not time for citizens to march together for public safety?

Is it then also not time to hold our politicians and their masters accountable for the damaging reputation of Malaysia as an unsafe destination?