TM's ad against the Olympic spirit

As we all know, 2012 London Olympics is approaching really soon. We can see the heat of this game over all the media but there is one TV commercial by Telekom Malaysia (TM) that has got me intrigued.

The commercial starts with a scene where there are three adolescents gatecrashing a children's football game, then it features some of our prominent sportsmen and sportswomen (e.g. Lee Chong Wei, Pandelela Rinong, etc.) performing, and some festive feeling where everyone is singing (more like lip sync-ing).

Then the commercial ends by showing our support for athletes who will represent our country in London.

Most scenes, if I am not mistaken, have been showed on TV before, which makes this Olympics commercial by TM seems like a compilation (I guess they are running out of ideas or budget for commercials).

However, the first scene doesn't seem to fit in.

What is it trying to tell us? I don't really get the meaning of that first scene, where the children are happily playing football, one teenager gatecrashes the party, pushes the boy roughly to get the ball and the poor goalkeeper is so terrified with him he would rather let that teenager kick the ball into goal.

Then the teenager runs happily towards his friends, celebrating, and giving an arrogant sneer at the kids before going away.

What is the message that TM wants to tell us? That it is okay to pick on somebody weaker than yourself to bully?

That it is okay to gatecrash other people's events without invitation? Do you feel proud defeating people who are not on par or better than yourself?

I'm sorry to say these values are so pathetic and defeat the spirit of the Olympics.