Clearing the air on reports about my health

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I note that there are inaccurate reports about my health in several media reports last week consequent to the postponement of the Kugan family civil suit against the police and government where I appear as counsel for the Kugan family.

The media reports were apparently based on what was said in court by my junior counsel and the inaccuracies are not occasioned by the reporters. 

There is clearly some unintended confusion in the facts stated in court. 

It was stated that I had fainted in my home on Wednesday and was admitted to Subang Medical Centre. This is not the case. 

I was experiencing severe laryngitis with loss of the voice on Wednesday evening. As a result I sought outpatient treatment with my physician at Sunway Medical Centre the next morning and was also advised to rest the voice. 

I should be fit to continue the case on Monday Dec 17, 2012 barring which other counsel will proceed with the matter. 

I reiterate that the inaccuracies are not the fault of the media reporters. I take full responsibility as the leader of the legal team.

SIVARASA RASIAH is representing N Indra, the mother of A Kugan , in a negligence suit.


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