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In response to the letter by Salas Santino Where were the rest of the non-Malays at KL112 ? dated Jan 12, I can assure him that Malaysian Chinese will be there when it counts the most.

According to a December 2012 survey by Merdeka Centre, the support of Malay and Indian voters for our current Premier Najib Abdul Razak remained strong at 77 percent and 76 percent respectively.

However, the support among Chinese voters is only at 34 percent.

These are voters polled, people who count in the next election.

The poll clearly shows the discontent amongst Malaysian Chinese voters towards the current ruling party.

It is true that the Chinese community in general is known to show lukewarm support in a non-confrontational way against the authorities.

Perhaps this is due to their culture.

However, when push comes to shove, they always come through.

Prior to the political tsunami of GE12, against all expectations, states with a strong Malaysian Chinese presence, like Penang, Selangor and Perak (which was eventually wrested back by BN in an underhanded way), all went to the opposition.

During that time, there was also no sign of the tides in the Chinese community. It was such a shocking result that the term "political tsunami" has been used repeatedly to refer to GE12.

The more worrisome concern is with regard to the rural Malaysians, who unfortunately, still get their biased news through the mainstream media, mostly still conveniently owned by BN component parties, and which only report favourably on them.

However, in general, rest assured that Malaysian Chinese are very well connected and informed of the truth on what is happening in our country.

They are definitely not the bystanders that some people believe them to be. It is their future on the line as well.

I strongly believe Malaysian Chinese will make the right choice come GE13. However, convincing rural Malaysians who are still blinded by the fact-twisting mainstream media, is much harder.

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