MACC's website should show progress reports

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I have checked the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) website, and I strongly feel that some very significant improvements can and should be made, so that the commission can be viewed as a very transparent organisation.

Whilst I recognise the need for secrecy in investigations, I cannot help but realise that there are cases which have become very public even before it was reported to the commission. I am citing these three cases as examples:

1) The case of the chief minister of Malacca who is alleged to have used public facilities for his son's wedding ;

2) The minister who is alleged to have given large sums of money to an actress; and

3) Deepak Jaikishan's allegations .

These allegations involved very high-profile public figures who have been accused publicly of wrong-doings or abusing their powers.

Their website should list these cases under "current high-profile investigations", and must show the progress of each and every case. In this way, the public will and should know what is the status of every investigation.

Whilst I agree that we are not entitled to the specifics, however, we are entitled to know if the investigation is still in progress, if the attorney-general is reviewing the case, if the case is in court or if the case has been closed as "no further action" (NFA).

Such information does not breach any law or compromises the investigations.

Under the current system, we are unaware of the outcome on certain investigations where allegations were made very publicly. We have no idea if the MACC is even investigating the case.


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