Why so many unanswered questions on intrusion?

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Sadly, the Malaysian public has been treated to a frustrating dose of vague statements that smack of misinformation campaigns from both sides of the divide in the ongoing Lahad Datu incidents.

The Malaysian and Philippines authorities, the media and the propaganda machines from both sides offer conflicting statements every day.


has a reporter on the ground. As the sole remaining credible publication in Malaysia, please ask the authorities to answer these questions so that we can finally get some truthful answers.

Be specific so that the ministers, the army and the police have to respond.

1. Please give a headcount of how many intruders were killed day by day and the total to date in Kampung Tandou. We understand that the intruders could have taken bodies away but at least tell how many bodies have been recovered every day.

2. Philippines media report that an imam and his four sons were killed at Semporna by the police. Yes or no?

3. Were the six policemen killed at Semporna actually lynched by some residents because of the above killing? Yes or no?

4. Were 19 policemen held forcibly by those same villagers and later released?

5. Are the intruders holding four hostages consisting of police officers and government officers?

There are many other unanswered questions but for now the above will suffice for most Malaysians who want to know the truth.

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