Can someone please wake up the DOE?

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Is the government serious about the haze? Just how accurate is the information given at this website owned by the Department of Environment (DOE)?

I visit the website twice daily and guess what - more often than not, the 11am API readings are not updated until 3pm in the afternoon and the 5pm API readings do not come online until 8 or 9pm or sometimes the next day. Very often the information is not updated until the next day.

You really have to wonder if the staff at DOE are serious about getting information out? Do they know that parents use this information to plan their day for their children?

People use this information to decide on their outdoor activities. Even the first reading at 7am does not appear on time, what more can I say?

So what is the use of having a website when it's the typical civil service mentality about doing things on time?

Don't they know how serious the situation is? Or is it another display of "tidak apa" attitude?

If the DOE cannot even do a simple thing like updating their own website on API readings, maybe they should sub-contract the work to a private company?

And why not, almost all government functions in Malaysia are done by private firms - do you know the private security companies have more people working for them than the police?

We rely on private security because we have given up on the police.

And where is Pemandu? Shouldn't there be a NKRA on API?

Can PMO please wake up DOE? Can Environment Minister G Palanivel please wake up?

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