S'gor should show timeline to restore local elections

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While the initiative by the Selangor state government to restore local council elections is laudable, it is of concern as to how long would this process will take and what would be the government's position on appointment of councillors in the interim.

As seen in the case of the Penang state government's initiative for the same, the passing of the state enactment to hold local council elections has been and will most likely continue to be a lengthy process .

It is in the best interest of the people that we be informed of a timeline for the entire process.

The people also urge the state government to put in place a 'no political appointment of councillors' policy, as a show of good faith that is in line with its manifesto.

The position of councillors should be reserved solely for the community and residents groups as we are the ones most affected by matters surrounding the local council.

This should be done with immediate effect until the local council elections bill has been enacted, legally enforceable and carried out.


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