It's the 50th, not 56th Malaysia Day

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This is how we continue to insult and alienate our fellow citizens in Sabah and Sarawak! The ignoramuses in Malaya - politicians, pundits, editors, journalists, advertisers; including ‘I was there at the Padang down memory lane’ ramblers - continue to use ‘Happy 56th Birthday Malaysia’.

The historical fact is that the Federation of Malaysia was formed on Sept 16, 1963 - so it will be the 50th Malaysia Day (birthday or call it what you will) come Sept 16, 2013. Definitely NOT the 56th.

The greatest insult is of course to hoist the Aug 31 56th Merdeka Day on our fellow citizens in Sabah and Sarawak. Please get it right - Aug 31, 1957 has no significance to our fellow citizens across the South China Sea.

And by the way the Federation of Malaya passed into history at midnight on Sept 15,1963.

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