Harebrained half-bridge, Dr Ms legacy

The prime minister statement that our country will build half a bridge to connect to our southern neighbor shows to the world at large that he wants to leave the throne of power with a bang come October.

With all the scandal surrounding his tenure - where the biggest and the longest seems to be the order of the day in our move towards becoming a first class nation with first class infrastructure - building half a bridge takes the cake for his ingenuity.

We are supposed to build bridges with our neighbour to enhance friendships, but after all the sarcasm and outstanding grievance over the water issue, I doubt it very much that Singapore will be keen to build a new bridge to enhance friendships and goodwill.

Only in this blessed country can someone think of the idea of building half a bridge. It may make the eighth wonder of the world since, let's see...China has the Great Wall and France the Eiffel Tower.

And so it seems the legacy of the incumbent PM will leave our citizens proud, for we are prosperous enough to build half a bridge, which is one of a kind in the world.

The free press will have a field day reporting our achievements in building one half of something. Let us hope that the current contractors will not suffer the same fate as those contractors who cannot even build simple computer labs for our students, as public funds are involved here.

What other harebrained ideas will our leaders think next to fatten some individuals' pockets? After all, nobody dares to dissent. I wonder