Anwar has suffered enough

I refer to the letter Why special treatment for Anwar. I would like the writer to imagine himself being in Anwar Ibrahim's shoes.

Imagine the tremendous injustice that has been done to him by the powers-that-be, being sacked like he was, maliciously character assassinated and degraded publicly worldwide, assaulted and beaten to a pulp while being handcuffed and blindfolded, left unconscious without being treated for his injuries and charged with being a sodomite.

A man who is a father to five daughters and a son, a man who was once the leader of Malaysia's largest Muslim youth organisation, a respected leader of ordinary citizens, a man groomed to be the next prime minister of Malaysia.

Imagine being condemned to six years imprisonment, denied bail at every application, all appeals ignored.

Put yourself in Anwar's shoes and imagine your life, your reputation down the drain, incarcerated for a charge that not everyone believes was true. Why pick on the man just because he dared to voice out and challenge the most powerful person in the country?

The writer asked why Anwar 'still has a Mercedes Benz'. Would he/she be happier if Anwar drove a Kancil? Or moved from his own bungalow bought with his own money to a squatter hut in Pantai Dalam?

Leave Anwar alone ... he has suffered enough.