Dont base judicial freedom on Anwars acquittal

Saira Elley from Singapore wrote that with Anwar Ibrahim being released, 'justice has been served and faith in the Malaysian judiciary is restored'.

I am not a lawyer nor a politician, but I take exception to anyone equating Anwar's release to the restoration of judicial freedom in Malaysia. Does the judiciary become free only when someone special is released from jail or acquitted from a charge ?

Recently, in the sensational Noritta Samsudin murder trial, the accused was acquitted. Then a child rapist-cum murderer in Johor was tried and sentenced stiffly. There are other cases of course. So can we not put faith in our judiciary?
I have nothing against Anwar, in fact I am happy that he is now free. But I will not equate his release to justice being served and judicial freedom being restored on that account.

If 'acquittal' is to be the criteria for judicial freedom, then I hate to think of the converse in this war-against-terrorism era as we will not be able cannot convict anyone lest our judiciary be labelled as not free.