Hattan wasnt the one who messed with NegaraKu

After reading NAN's Hattan's singing of NegaraKu such a petty issue, I am equally baffled as to why so much of fuss is made over the singer when there are so many other pressing issues that need to be resolved in Parliament.

I am sure when Hattan sang the song, he must have sung it from his heart and soul and was not mindlessly mocking the tune. Whitney Houston, during the Los Angeles Olympics, sang the Star Spangled Banner with such gusto and many prominent musicians agreed she was the only singer who could hold the note (for quite a while) towards the end of the song.

When she finally brought the anthem to a close, the crowd stood up and applauded her. No one criticised her for messing around with the American national anthem. Hattan is a singer and an artiste who naturally has to be creative. He did just that to the NegaraKu with utmost respect.

At least, he did not turn it into a 12-bar boogie piece. If the MPs decide to penalise Hattan, then one should not forget the one other person who really messed with the national anthem.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad. From a solemn piece he turned it into one I cannot recognise.