Why further study Police Commissions findings?

I refer to your report Findings on police commission report out soon.

I find it incredible and unbelievable that the findings and report of Royal Police Commission
are subject to further study by sub-committees, which in turn are then to submit their "primary findings" to the government.

There are questions to be asked about the above. Does not this make a mockery of the integrity and functions of the commission and by extension, its members? Hasn't this relegated the commission to a level below that of the sub-committee?

Are the sub-committees' members of better knowledge, of higher standing and integrity than the commission members? Further, doesn't the task of studying the commission's recommendations without having the equivalent of the commission's input from the public merely make the sub-committees only at best "armchair" critics?

How effective are they then expected to be? What if the sub-committee's findings and recommendations are inconsistent with, or opposed to, the commission's findings and recommendations?

Which action should the government then take? Where is the sense in this farce about the sub-committees? Unless, of course, the sub-committees are meant to mitigate the more serious recommendations for public consumption, to preserve morale of the police force.

If the government had been serious about this from the start, the commission's findings should have been accepted wholesale, in the faith and spirit the exercise was called for in the first place.

Please have the commission's recommendations implemented without any variation and further delay. Introducing superfluous layer-upon-layer of obstacles through sub-committees will not give any confidence to the rakyat that we are progressing towards having a first-class and incorruptible police force.

Seems a classic case of "study on a study".