De-centralise police force

In view of the latest cases of beastly behaviour by some members of the police force, the prime minister must take drastic action including demanding the resignation of some senior police officers who are putting Malaysia's name to shame.

All that money and man hours that were spent on a report by a royal commission seems to have been a great exercise in futility. Despite all the promises, ordinary citizens still think that nothing has changed and getting involved with the police is the last thing they want to do let alone give cooperation.

Sadly, the royal commission dared not come up with radical ideas and that is why every police officer can feel that he is a member of a huge gang which will help cover up for each other.

The only solution is to break up our police force into a state police and city police who are answerable to the state governments and city mayors (preferably elected). But there should be separate contingents under the federal government for traffic control and serious crimes.

Over and above that, there should be two Anti-Corruption and Misbehaviour agencies to investigate complaints of corruption and misbehaviour. Parliament should also set up a Police Complaints Authority with legal powers.

In terms of cost, these changes would not cost any more than what is being spent now.