Police stations may ban camera phones next

I refer to the report Naked woman police abuse clip sparks uproar.

I hope that the authorities are not going to use the Official Secrets Act to go after the person who took the video of this atrocity within the police station. I am quite sure, that malaysiakini will be questioned as to the source of the video in the 'course of the investigations'.

And then all hell may break lose for that poor person who dared poke a camera phone through the bars of that window. Next, of course, there will be a ruling that no camera phones are to be allowed into police stations.

And finally, the outcome will be that the video may have been doctored and there is insufficient evidence as to who the perpetrators are and where it occurred - and in all probability that this whole incident was fabricated to 'maliciously accuse our innocent police force'.

Sorry for the cynicism, but so many times before we have seen these sort of cover-ups. People seem to even have a high incidence of depression in our lockups and 'commit suicide'. I guess Malaysian bandits are a manic depressive lot. But still, every few months, another 'suicide' happens.

Our police have always stripped people. First, it was of their dignity now it is of their clothes. And we got used to it.