Police too stressed out?

I was not surprised the hear of the police abuse of the Chinese woman national who was forced to do ear squats in the nude. We Malaysians know how the police have been abusing their powers. Even my parents have told me about such things when I was young.

I am a psychology graduate, and would suggest not only an external investigation (as suggested by the PM) on police abuse but to also an investigation why the police force is behaving in such a manner. Is stress a contributory factor? Is it thought as a normal for police personnel to behave in such a way?

A long term solution needs to be enforced to ensure justice not only for the people but also for police personnel.

I strongly suggest that a national survey be conducted to understand Malaysians' attitude towards their police Force. An empirical study should be done to see whether is it true that the public has always been aware or perceives that the police practice abuse of power abuse.

Such a study may reveal the true reasons behind such behaviour.