Fuel hike: The damage has been done

I refer to the article Pak Lah hilang sentuhan?

Dear Pak Lah,

I have always thought that you are the man for us after winning handsomely in the last election. I told my friends that your promises for good governance and anti-corruption were convincing. I was very happy then.

Two years on, I now have a lots of reservation. Things are not the way the Malaysians would like them to be. The increased prices, biased decisions and most of all, the impending inflation due to the latest fuel price hike.

The ordinary citizens are feeling the effects of all these. The government will always come out in the papers saying that inflation will be kept at bay. We have listened to this statement many times before. It will never to be so. I will bet my last dollar that prices of goods and consumer services will rise.

We are known for our lack of enforcement. Take, for example, how cab drivers are overcharging commuters and openly touting at the KLIA.

I say, no way we are going to improve to the level as spelled out by Vision 2020. Well, what else can I say? The damage has been done. I am now just hoping that the billions saved on subsidising petrol will be spent prudently and not to enrich only an influential few.

I don't need to publish any statistics here. The rakyat of today are in the know. They have already felt the pain of the domino effect before (higher prices). With great displeasure.