Thuggish Rela must be reined in

I refer to your report Rela rampage: Eyewitnesses tell of madness, brutality.

The beating up of these documented migrants outside the Indian High Commission by Rela must be the last. It is imperative that the home minister put a stop to the shenanigans of this unruly, undisciplined and thuggish outfit.

We have yet to know if Rela was responsible for the five dead migrants at Selayang after its 2am operation on Feb 11. Dead men don't tell tales and eyewitnesses at that hour are probably too frightened to tell.

It boggles the mind that both Rela and the police are free to beat up any person and most probably get away with it unless the prime minister sets up yet another commission to verify the their torture and brutality. Even after that, we do not know if anything actually gets done or officers disciplined.

I am sure Malaysians are just fed up with the lackadaisical attitude of the Home Ministry over these acts of torture, intimidation and harassment. We have our own war at home to sort out; the war against impunity.