Rakyat to blame too for oil price hike

It's amazing to read all the complaints on transparency, cronyism, abuse of power by the police and politicians, corruption and of late the 18% to 23% increase in fuel prices which appears to be the last straw that broke the camel's back.

Frankly, why are we Malaysians complaining about all this when they can do so much to minimise all these sins. After all, we are the ones that voted the Barisan Nasional to be the government and therefore we are equally to be blamed for all the abovementioned shortcomings.

We have the power to make changes and we should empower ourselves to do so. Make good use of the precious rights of ours and vote wisely in all coming state and parliamentary elections. Vote in a strong opposition, for both the state and parliament, to provide a good check and balance which is so badly needed to put the ruling parties back on their toes.

If that still does not send a message to the Barisan Nasional, vote in a more stronger opposition. The ruling parties are no fools and they will definitely get the message and will not be so bold as to continuously and blatantly ignore our grouses.

Have we not grown up to realise that our destinies are in our hands? Are we not aware that we have the power and the right to make this change for the betterment? Have we not heard and seen enough of blatant abuse of power?

To be fair, I personally recognise that the present government has done a lot of good for all Malaysians. Please be clear that I am only appealing for fellow Malaysian to vote in a strong opposition to put everyone on their toes.