Policewomen tudung: Why are BN reps silent?

Once again the non-Malay rights in this country have been trampled upon, further deepening the racial divide.

The recent order by Inspector-General of Police Bakri Omar where non-Malay policewomen have been instructed to use the tudung at all official functions, parades and graduation ceremonies has just shown the people how insensitive the IGP can be towards the non-Muslims in this country.

Actions like this have unnecessarily caused racial tension and further contributed to the brain drain the country has been experiencing besides discouraging government efforts to promote the 'brain gain' from highly qualified Malaysians now living abroad. It has also further contributed to non-Malays shying away from the civil service and uniformed units.

What surprises me further is the deafening silence of non-Malay representatives in the government such as the MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PPP. Aren't they supposed to safeguard the rights of non-Malays and voice our concerns to the government? It seems to be that these politicians are only there to serve their own selfish interests and not what they have been elected to do.

Out of all the issues that stirred emotions recently, we have only heard voices of resentment from NGOs and individuals - not from our representatives in the government.

I think the Barisan Nasional can do without the MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PPP in the next elections.