The crooked bridges expensive lesson

What should be more worrying about the crooked bridge fiasco is that in Malaysia, those in power can do whatever they like without giving a thought to those who might have a different opinion. To them, their thinking shall be always right and 'you do what I want'.

Despite their claims that they are very understanding, considerate and religious, the fact is that they just ignore the position of others in pursuit of their own self-interests and great name.

They never realise that they are at wrong and no use all sorts of means ie, the OSA, ISA to silence you. Sometimes, they even resort to twisting the facts and figures to confuse and mislead others in efforts to justify their means and even make it unto a law.

They do this to anybody who is weak - the powerless, the poor, the minorities, even to women.

Exactly the same thought was applied to Singapore. What they may have overlooked is this - the rules of the game are different when dealing with equals. Are you conducting the deal properly? Did you seek proper discussions?

When they bite the dust, then they become sarcastic. And these are our leaders. Imagine that they are not short of followers.

Hopefully, this episode will at least become blessing in disguise in that these people will learn their lessons. After all, we all pay for them to learn!