A game of bridge, we lost

Much as I have disagreed with our former prime minister, I cannot help but be taken in by his lament on the sudden capitulation by the government on the issue of the crooked bridge.

While I still believe that the bridge was not a good idea in the first place, Pak Lah unfortunately waited too long to scrap it without now being seen to be caving in to threats and demands by our southern neighbour.

He could have ditched it earlier when he took over the country's reins citing plausible reasons like lack of funds or even claiming that the bridge's benefits do not commensurate with the money spent on it.

Instead he only changed his mind when Singapore started to play poker as it were and staring him down. Instead of calling their bluff and testing their hand, our PM decided to fold his cards.

The issue of the bridge not being constructed will die down fast enough but I think it will be harder to live down the fact that this government has shown a total lack of character and conviction in its decision making.

It has ignominiously been forced to eat humble pie from an adversary, who has been made to look so clever.