Time to join the police force

Having read the police's objections to the proposed IPCMC, I really fail to understand all the fuss that is being made by indignant members of the public who feel that the force has overstepped the mark. After all, is there a single agency in this country that has impartially and doggedly held its errant officials to account? No, there is not.

Enforcement is rare and even some MPs have their noses so far in the trough that they can't see anything wrong with their colleague asking officials to turn a blind eye. The ACA could stand for 'All Corruption Allowed' since it does little to stem the endemic tide of worsening scandals. Who can be even slightly dismayed that yet another toothless tiger will not wander the corridors of power? Think of the money saved that can be wasted elsewhere.

The sad truth is that there is no end in sight to the cancer of corruption. We Malaysians do not have it in our nature to feel indignation when so many of us are either directly or indirectly dependant on our government's largesse. As we weave our way through business life, it is inevitable that an opportunity to 'secure an advantage' will present itself. Indeed, the less scrupulous (but perhaps more savvy) often ask for it. This is the way of life in Bolehland.

Against this background, why should the police be saddled with yet another ineffective overseer? Without doubt, there is horrendous abuse of power and corruption to curtail; but does anybody really believe that the IPCMC could make any significant changes? And believing it could is a million miles away from it actually doing so! In this case, the police are right, albeit for the wrong reasons. None of us wants yet another ineffectual quasi judicial body no matter how badly needed.

My advice to the few that are outraged at the police response to the IPCMC is to join their ranks. Suffer the low pay, lousy accommodation and demeaning duties but accept the donations any motorist wants to give you because one day, you too might amass over thirty million ringgit.

In short, if you can't beat them, join them (and then you can beat others too). Now, where did I put my application form?