Mahathir is yesterdays man

After the latest outbursts from the ex-prime minister, I sincerely hope Malaysians - now better educated and more sophisticated - will see through the man for what he is.

He seems to be manipulating the nation to fight his personal demons. Surely they must know that it is because his super-large ego has been dented that he has lashed out and attacked the current premier personally and well below the belt.

His 'criticisms' of the current administration are not motivated by his 'love for country' but rather 'love for his pet projects' which has been seen to be misguided and therefore abandoned, (correctly so) by the current more technocratic team under an eminently sensible prime minister.

Surely Malaysains must see through Mahathir's antics. Please do not let him take out his frustration and bitterness on the current premier. Mahathir is yesterday's man, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is today's.

Mahathir may be suitable for the days of thuggish politics but now that all Malaysians are a more refined people, Abdullah is the more suitable man.