Free the ACA

Red tape in the form of licences and the affirmative action policies are breeding pools for corruption and graft in Malaysia. Your report on the Mafia taking over the country one day is not far from the truth.

As a businessman in Malaysia, it is not uncommon to be solicited by 'leeches' in government agencies and 'friends of Datuks' who can award you contracts. Payments for various licence approvals do not benefit the government's coffers but individuals whom the prime minister has called 'little Napoleons'.

We also have government contracts dished out to those who have little or no experience in projects but since this is under affirmative action policies, it is seen as contributing to the advancement of a certain race. However, as in the Cheras toll debacle, it was learnt that even a Malay company can be short changed by those a little more connected.

The Anti-Corruption Agency must be freed from the executive to allow it to bring to book those who are corrupt irregardless of race, political party affiliation or social class.

The PM who has been called 'Mr Clean' should lead by example to free the ACA and even to allow them to investigate the PM and his office for any improprieties.