Country has lost its way

I refer to malaysiakini report Pak Lah is almost like a saint, says Dr M.

Now it seems to be a question of whose son has secured bigger contracts. We have already been scandalised by the AP imbroglio, the share issues scandal involving Rafidah Aziz's son-in-law and a host of other revelations that highlight the culture of politics ala Barisan National.

At the core, the issue is not race but greed. We have been witnessing how the party in power has balanced its alliance by ensuring that greed is the basis of their association. The same is true for all the component parties of the BN.

They have exploited the NEP and policies to their own advantage. The lifestyle of BN leaders past and present will add credence to this reality.

We have lost our way. No more is politics in this country motivated by values of freedom, justice, fairness or even unity. As greed has become the overwhelming value, we see issues pulling as in different directions.

But this is good for Malaysians as the next general elections will give us an opportunity to make a difference. So far the slogan of stability has worked but now we are facing a situation where greed is undermining this very notion of stability.

We need to address the question, 'stability for what purpose?' Is it to allow the Umnoputeras to continue to rape this nation? Selangor state executive councillor Zakaria Deros in Klang is a good example and if deeper investigations are done in other states and other local councils, we will see that the rot is deeper then perceived.

It is time that BN woke up to face the reality and expectations of the people of Malaysia failing which the next elections would signal the need for change.