NEP target: Govt changing the ground rules

I refer to the malaysiakini reports Bumi equity: Govt retracts 36.6% figure and NEP to stay until national unity is achieved.

Reading them made me feel really sad about the state of the affairs here. As a Chinese Malaysian who was born here and whose parents and grandparents were also born here, it saddens me that such is the lengths some will go to protect personal wealth and turf. It saddens me that till this day, unnecessary affirmative action (for the majority) renders me, in essence, a second-class citizen.

Every Malaysian knows, to a certain degree or another, the extent of corruption and furthering of personal interest in the Malaysian government machinery. The government retracts a figure that was published by them, and then gives us some bull on the use of par value. Anyone that's been through Finance 101 knows that the par value of equity is meaningless. Message to the Dewan Rakyat: 'Don't insult our intelligence'. And don't go give more bull about the NEP staying until national unity is achieved.

Two problems with that. First, the target the NEP set out to achieve (30% bumi equity) has either been achieved or second, you are changing the ground rules by moving from an achieved quantifiable target to an unquantifiable one. Do you take us for a bunch of people walking around with IQs of minus 20?

Frankly, I have had just about enough of this. I love this country as much as any of you do and am not going to sit by and watch this charade. I'm reminded why politics has never interested me.

In my opinion, the MCA leaders should be voted out immediately. What are they doing coming out with statements defending the government against Lee Kuan Yew's comment that the Chinese here are marginalised? Message to MCA: 'You are supposed to be there to serve the interests of the Chinese community at large, not go against it'.

Never one to vote in the past, these past few incidents will have me going to the polls the next time around. Still not got around though to who to vote for. There are not much better alternatives around, from my perspective, looking at the opposition parties.

Perhaps Ahmad Akmal's prescription in his letter NEP will only lead to self-destruction can be an interim solution - the independent candidate. Actually Ahmad, you seem like a pretty well-educated and sensible guy with some fine principles. If you run, you have my vote. Meritocracy, secular state. Bad words as far as our current regime would have us believe.

I've had about enough. This latest stunt, the championing of the NEP under false pretences, just to protect and add to the significant wealth already accumulated by politicians is, as far as I'm concerned, the straw that broke the camel's back. Time for a change.