Best brains not as important as bumis interests

    I am referring to TCY's letter Attracting best brains depends on policies. The author has suggested that the government is not capable of retaining the best brains and has been causing a brain drain due to its inconsistencies on policies.

    I doubt if the author appreciates the fact that the best brains do not always necessary work in congruence in achieving the nation's best interests especially in preserving a harmonial relationship among races in Malaysia and to bring about a greater balance in wealth distribution in line with the New Economy Policy.

    The author has implied that a lot of 'talented' Malaysians have chosen to work overseas while Malaysia continues to take in 'rejects'. Does he mean only the Chinese and Indians are talented? Could the author be more specific as to who he means as 'rejects'? Does he mean people from the Arab countries and Indonesia?

    By saying so, he is not only casting doubt on the policies of immigration which has been contemplated by the Home Affairs Ministry, but has also insulted to the people from our fellow neighbouring countries.

    Malaysia has all the best brains required to achieve success in all fields today as evidenced in its past achievements in technology and economy in the international arena.

    On top on this, Malaysia should further continue to recruit people from the Arab countries and Indonesia to continue to build the nation's reputation as one of the leading modern Islamic economies and to strengthen the financial interests of the bumiputera. With the influx of these foreigners, Malaysia is achieving a greater balance in wealth distribution which ultimately will bring about a safe society to live in.

    The author mentioned that the best brains do not like inconsistency. I wonder if the author knows what define 'best brains'? If these best brains cannot simply cope with such inconsistencies, which is anyway a norm in today's increasingly challenging environment, how 'best' could these brains be? If these people could not cope with change, they are not the best. They are simply comfort seekers.

    With regards to the author's last comment about comparing with Singapore, I would like to say that there are always people who dislike certain policies in the country. If these people think other countries could offer better opportunities for them, why do we bother to stop them (from going)? Malaysia will not 'die' just because of a minority of its population is working and living in Singapore.

    Can these people ultimately retire happily in Singapore? I doubt it as the property prices are so high there and it is also a 'fine' city. In Malaysia, the environment is different and meritocracy is a sensitive issue.

    Racial harmony in Malaysia could never be preserved if by keeping these 'best talents' means further dilution to the financial interests of the bumiputera.