Singaporean Malays fighting, succeeding

I refer to the letter Let's hear from the Vincent Tans Goh Tongs and Anandas. I find that M Sahaja has again shot himself in the foot. His discourse reflects the rambling of someone with a grudge rather than someone who wants to use this forum as an avenue to inform as well as educate his fellow Malaysians.

He takes a sample of a community and uses it to justify abuses in the system. The Malays are in the same lot and will be in the same lot due to their desire to have a particular kind of politician. It has nothing to do with the Chinese or Indians. Eventually the Chinese and Indians will not make any difference to the outcome of the Malays or Malaysia. This is because their power and numbers will become less significant with the increase in population of the Malays.

The non-Malays and Malays from Singapore who joined Malaysia in 1963 and left in 1965 and those who have been leaving Malaysia from 1965 have greatly contributed to the development of Singapore. Singaporeans are wealthier than Malaysians per capita without having any natural resources.

Freebies do not create an entrepreneur, hardship does. Spoon-feeding the Malay community and not building the qualities needed to excel in the world is akin to smothering them. If all the non- Malays left Malaysia, what would happen? Malaysia will not disappear but neither will it become a global leader. It could disintegrate.

I advice the M Sahaja to realise the certain ideas that I am trying to propagate in that there needs to be a change in the mindset of the Malays. It took a while for the Malays in Singapore to start moving up but they are. You cannot reverse a few hundred years in a few days. Things take time.

It will take maybe two to three generations before the Malay community comes to be on par with the other communities. Any shortcut method like a privileged bumiputera scheme will not yield long-term results.

Top students for the primary level exams in Singapore have been Malays and this without any assistance of special grading curves for them. A Singaporean Malay can probably succeed better in the global economy today then a Malaysian Malay due to the circumstances he or she faces in Singapore.

The circumstances there did not make them weak or cause them to beg for special help or run to Malaysia. They are fighting and are succeeding. This should be the spirit and mindset of the Malays in Malaysia.