Spores NS: One death in past four years

I am concerned about the high number of deaths under the Malaysian National Service programme. Though I have now become a Singaporean, I still have friends whose children will soon be doing NS.

First of all, I am very shocked to hear National Service Training Council chairperson Lee Lam Thye's answer to the question of medical examinations before entry. He said there were 'too many trainees' for this.

Let me warn all parents that this is the most callous attitude anyone can have. He shows a total disregard for the lives of our children. I know Malaysians tend to get all riled up when Singapore in mentioned but it's time we learn or else our children will pay the ultimate price.

Over here, every person entering the NS goes through a very rigorous health check. From the health check, the trainees are then categorised depending on their fitness level

These days, there are many children with asthma, low fitness levels apart from quite a number who suffer quite easily from heat exhaustion.

From what I understand, though there have been deaths in Singapore's programme, there has been only one death recorded in the last four years.

It's indefensible for anyone to play with the lives of our children.