Govt to blame for bumi contract leakage

With reference to government figure that some 85 percent of government contracts are given out to bumiputera contractors who have in turn subcontracted them out to non-bumis, I would like to ask who in the first place allowed these contracts to be so overpriced that they can be subcontracted out with fat profits to be made at every stage?

I happen to know a school building project where RM27 million had been allocated by the Education Department but after being subcontracted out twice, got built for only RM16 million. What happened to the other RM7 million?

The subcontracting culture is rooted in the over-inflated allocations for these government contracts. Since significantly lesser funds are actually needed for implementing such contracts, why does the government continue to let idle middle-persons milk huge profits from subcontracting - at the people's expense?

Nothing less than a deliberate intention on the part of the government itself can explain this situation.

So maybe it is the government itself that is to blame for this so-called leakage of bumi contracts although actually it is the people themselves who are to blame since they put such a government into power in the first place. Vote rationally in coming general elections.