Mongolians not confident about our judiciary

I refer to the malaysiakini report We're watching, says Ulan Bator. The high-profile murder case of the Mongolian beauty is an acid test for our judiciary to see whether it is transparent. People will be transfixed in following the case because of the personalities involved in the gruesome murder.

By having their representative watch the case, it shows the lack of confidence the Mongolian government has in that the Malaysian judge will decide without fear and favour and will not be intimidated by certain powerful political forces.

Ever since the judicial crisis of 1988, Malaysians have been skeptical as to whether our judges are independent and not under the thumbs of the executive. There have been many high-profiles case in the past where powerful litigants appear in courts but in the end, the judgments were in their favour.

Well, the high-profile case of the gruesome murder of the Mongolian woman will be a good opportunity for the world to see whether the Malaysian judiciary is transparent and operates without any political interference.

Everybody is equal before the law and hopefully the Attorney-General's Chambers will not blunder in this case and allow the guilty parties to go free due to technical reasons. One would think that a lot of explosive materials will be exposed in open court which might implicate a powerful political leader in this country.

The whole world - including Malaysians - can't wait for June 4 when the case opens as this case might affect the landscape of our political scene if what Anwar Ibrahim says about the deputy premier's involvement in the murder case is true. Stay tuned.