Gangsters in Rela uniforms

During the emergency in the 1950s, Home Guards were roped in to do extra work for the police. In the 1980s, Rela was roped in to handle the tasks in which the police needed help.

I have come across several Rela members who are gangsters in the Rela uniforms. From that instance, I have lost the respect which I had for Rela and threw away their membership forms.

The recruited members are not properly trained, have no discipline at all, have little or no understanding of the laws, use their Rela authority cards to abuse their power and collect 'monthly dues' from the foreign workers.

It is time now to curtail the powers of Rela members and make them work within proper guidelines. Disciplinary action should be taken against the wrongdoers or if such a problem is widespread, then disband the Rela unit completely.

With their little knowledge and experience, they act and like to show that they are more powerful than the police which is totally idiotic. I even heard that Rela officer uniforms were given to government backbenchers just because of political affiliation.

Anybody who dons a Rela uniform must have the responsibility, a proper understanding of the law and must be seen to be clean and not corrupted.