Hear us, these are our grouses

I am a Sri Lankan Tamil doctor in Malaysia. I did not attend the Nov 25 rally organised by Hindraf but my heart and soul was and is with Hindraf. Like me, many Indian and Sri Lankan professionals are with Hindraf because finally, someone has the guts to rise against the tyranny of the racist Umno-led government and the idiocy of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP who have practically sold off the rights of non-Malays in this country.

Indians are generally poor people and have been poor since independence. But what had actually brought about this sudden displeasure against the government? It has nothing to do with opposition politics. Indians and Sri Lankans have been loyal BN supporters all along despite being discriminated by BN policies.

The snatching of Hindu bodies by Islamic religious bodies was one - M Moorthy, I'm sure we all remember him. Shamala Sathiyaseelan, whose estranged husband converted her two sons without her knowledge, was asked by the Syariah Court to bring up her sons as Muslims. If there were any indications that her sons were being taught Hinduism, they would be snatched away from her. Then came the spate of Hindu temple demolitions by the state, temple after temple.

Put yourselves in our shoes. If we demolished your mosques, how would you take it? If we ask Muslim mothers to bring their children up as Hindus, is that alright? And what if we snatch your beloved's bodies away from you at time of mourning? The death of Indian youths in police custody was another issue that had troubled the Indian community. And then we have racist Umno threatening everyone with a keris without any provocation. Why do you want to bathe fellow Malaysians in blood when we have not done anything to you, Hishammuddin Hussein?

Some comments by Umno ministers and MPs are unbearable, it hurts. The solution is not "Kalau you tak suka, you boleh keluar." It would be easy if that was the solution. What if we say "Kalau you tak suka, you balik Indonesia"? Come on guys, grow up. We are lucky to be here in Malaysia. Don't make it a killing field. Once the killing starts, it won't stop. Look at Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Palestine. We are all God's creations and if we hate one another, we are actually hating God.

Newton's third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. On Nov 25, Indian Malaysians held their peaceful rally. The government has to be mature. Hindraf has on numerous occasions sent memorandums and asked to meet the authorities and the prime minister. But everything fell on deaf ears.

The prime minister says that he has big ears, but what use are two big ears if he is deaf? Mr Prime Minsiter, you knew Hindraf wanted to meet you on so many occasions. Hindraf even had a gathering in front of your office in August and handed you a memorandum. What happened to the memorandum, Mr PM? There was no reaction from you.

If Hishammuddin really wants to take to the streets and soak his keris, I think many others are willing to do the same. As a minister, particularly the education minister, Hishammuddin should be ashamed of himself. Do we want to fight amongst ourselves - it's Malaysia vs Malaysia now? Is it not sad?

Hindraf has been magnaminous. It has repeatedly asked for a dialogue with the prime minister. Mr Prime Minister, please oblige. Let's talk things over and unite for the sake of Malaysia.