'Nazri, help Karpal prosecute Lingam and Co'

vox populi small thumbnail'Nazri, if you are a man of your word, do not back down now. Give Karpal Singh the authority to charge Lingam and all implicated.'

Karpal wants 'fiat' in 7 days to prosecute Lingam

Cala: After the VK Lingam scandal, our judiciary must have been the laughing stock of everyone in the free world. That is why when a foreigner conducts his business with a Malaysian entity, he would insist that in the event of dispute, it must be arbitrated in Singapore. Never in Kuala Lumpur.

Despite of the fact that the writing is on the wall, there is no remorse expressed by anyone either in the government or the judiciary. Lingam may be too thick skinned by any standard, but I feel hurt by the mere fact that he is still around kicking.

Code10: A man of Nazri Abdul Aziz's status won't let the public down. I think Nazri will advise the learned attorney-general to do the needful. He has nothing to lose but bring more respect to his noble position in the government. When he can ‘grease' TMM (Tun Mahathir Mohamad), what is Lingam to him. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Louis: Nazri, if you are a man of your word, do not back down now. Give Karpal Singh the authority to charge Lingam and all implicated. I know that you will give the excuse that the AG refuses to do so. If that is the case, the public will regard you as one who talks nothing but nonsense.

Fairness: Of course, Nazri will not let Karpal prosecute Lingam. After all, Karpal might just open a huge can of worms. We are talking about very high-level people involved. This include Tun Mahathir Mohamad, Vincent Tan, etc. As they say in Malaysia, with power and money, you can be above the law.

Royal family members told to protect good name

Nicholas Lim: To appear fair, His Royal Highness should have been more careful in apportioning blame. Instead he should have reminded both the state government and civil service to cooperate with each other. The way the speech came out sounded like His Royal Highness is taking sides with the civil service against the people's elected representatives.

And I fully agree with His Royal Highness that the time for finding faults have ended. In fact, the time has come to prosecute wrongdoers. Including those company directors involved in any financial irregularities. I'm sure His Royal Highness agrees with the need to wipe out corruption.

Wira: The people of Selangor voted Pakatan Rakyat to be their government. They did not chose the civil service to rule the state. HRH (His Royal Highness) should rightly ask the civil service to obey the policies of the new government and order them to implement those policies enthusiastically.

Lim Chong Leong: Your Majesty, RM200 million in cost overrun for the Shah Alam Hospital project is no petty matter blown out of proportion. And we are not finding fault but exposing crimes against the people. We want justice brought against the criminals who have robbed us of the hundreds of millions of ringgit.

Louis: HRH should advise Prime Minister Najib Razak to ask all federal agencies to cooperate with the opposition. As it is, the BN fellas are bent on sabotaging what Pakatan is doing.

Hindraf man nabbed for 'wearing anti-ISA badge'

P Dev Anand Pillai: Blind allegiance to the government is what makes Indian Malaysians the easiest targets. When BN-Malay protesters protest, they are only exercising their "constitutional rights" to assemble in peace, but when Indians wear badges they are a threat to national security.

They started demolishing temples first, now they even wait outside to see what the worshipers wear and who leads their prayer gatherings, and later attend a glittering ceremony in the name of ‘Malaysia'.

Raja Rajan: Wear orange T-shirt - wrong, wear black T-shirt - wrong, now wear anti-Isa badge - wrong. It's clear the country is heading towards the wrong direction.

NGO finds Sabah native panel illegal

KayKay: The only way out of this impasse is for the next Sabah state government to issue a Sabah identity card as pledged by Sapp chief Yong Teck Lee. Anyone who does not have the Sabah IC would not be eligible for government jobs, state scholarships, land or trading licence.

Surely, this would create a situation which would make it impossible for illegal immigrants who have obtained MyKads and got onto the electoral rolls to remain in Sabah. The Immigration Department Sabah can be directed by the chief minister and state secretary to confiscate the Malaysian passports of those who claim to be Sabahans but don't have Sabah ICs.

The state government can refuse to park its funds with banks in Sabah which allow bogus Sabahans to open bank accounts. The Sabah IC would also be issued to genuine Sabahans who are not Malaysian citizens, and even worse considered as stateless by Kuala Lumpur.