112 statement allegedly tampered? So what's new?

your say'I am not surprised that they have tampered with the 112 statement. Even Altantuya's immigration records have been deleted.'

Sodomy II: Anwar's back on witness stand

Cala: Who can be trusted? Somebody had tampered with the ‘112 statement' recorded from Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on July 16-17, 2008. Who could they be? Who else? Surely one would not expect an ordinary police to do that.

For a clue, please look at the incentive structure of those who would stand to benefit if Anwar is not there. You are right. It must have been done after receiving orders from certain persons truly powerful.

You are also day-dreaming and totally out of sync with reality if you think those in uniforms are people worthy of our trust.

Bluemountains: I am not surprised that they have tampered with the 112 statement. Even Altantuya Shaariibuu's immigration records have been deleted. And yet, neither the government, the attorney-general, the police nor the judiciary is interested to know who ordered the deletion. It must be C4ed.

Alan Goh: I am not a fan of DSAI but there are too many holes, if and buts presented by the prosecution.

The Hospital Puswari doctor said no penetration but HKL (Hospital Kuala Lumpur) doctors said there was. The forensic DNA said not one but three types of semen found, again probably the third DNA due to sitting on the toilet bowl.

Come on, Malaysians are not stupid and when you sent 10-15 police in balaclava just to arrest a 62-year-old guy with a back problem, it speaks volumes of the Sodomy II trial. Every Malaysian is asking, "when will this humiliation to the PDRM, judiciary and doctors end just to castrate an opposition leader who is seen as a threat to Umno.

Use your head, you cannot break walls merely by throwing eggs at it. Enough is enough.

Louis: Anwar's case is just a ploy by Najib to divert our attention from many of his shortcomings and many revelations of the country's scandals.

Why waste so much time in trying to nail Anwar? Look at the team of prosecutors who could easily be deployed to take on high-profile cases like PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) or Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's alleged charges.

Those cases involve millions of ringgit, if not billions. Don't you think it is more worthwhile to pursue those cases. Instead, they are barking up the wrong trees.

Peter Clement Goh: Here are the possible outcomes of the trial.
1) Judge will rule in favour of the prosecution in the trial within trial - evidence will be allowed. Male Y will be Anwar and jail sentence pronounced in time for GE. (30/70 chance of happening).

2) Judge will rule in favour of the defence in the trial within trial - evidence will be disallowed. Male Y will be Anwar, and prosecution will find "other" evidence. (50/50)

3) Judge will rule in favour of the defence in the trial within trial - evidence will be disallowed. Male Y will be Anwar, judge will throw out the case because of a technicality but the DNA already shows that it is Anwar so Anwar will be discredited (70/30 - most likely scenario as this will make the judgment more favourable to the rest of the world, and Umno will then sing for joy that DSAI (Anwar) "was indeed in Saiful").

With scenario 3 - the judgment would be "fair" and PM Najib Razak wins (Mahathir will say to the world that he was right all along).

Pemerhati: Since Mahathir's time, one of Umno's strategy has been to waste huge amounts of the taxpayers money by using the bloated bureaucracy, the enforcement agencies and the judiciary to harass the opposition.

It carries out unfair prosecutions of the opposition leaders and protestors (e.g. Sodomy I and II, the Human Rights Party leaders and demonstrators) to sap their energies and resources. The Sodomy I and II cases have been planned and executed by the very top Umno leaders.

In this case, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan met Najib and his officers (co-conspirators and executors of the frame-up?) prior to lodging a report against Anwar. Saiful said he was forcefully sodomised, but then went on to say he had sex several times and once came out from the bathroom clad in a towel to have sex.

This clearly shows he was a willing party and thus is lying. The people who planned the whole frame-up did not coach him well. Najib will decide the verdict in this case, but in the meantime he is happy that the opposition is being harassed.

Cop: I told lawyer of Section 337B arrest

Naaah!: The purpose of the arrest is clear - to obtain Anwar's DNA. When this was not done in the hospital, Anwar had to be detained overnight and the next morning the whole lock-up was searched thoroughly for his hairs, etc.

Mob1900: What's the court waiting for? Law enforcement officers who didn't know the law blindly followed orders from the brass with total disregard of the procedure and practices.

  • Arrest was made with 'overwhelming force' (more a dozen of police officers) on one 'suspect'.
  • No warrant was produced during the arrest.
  • 'Suspect' had earlier promised to cooperate at a given date, time and venue and yet was taken in a rash manner in order to humiliate.
  • Officers who lied about informing the suspect and his lawyer about the charges against him.
  • Abuse of facilities/personnel in the name of arresting one suspect, yes, only one suspect.

Confused: You mean the police require 10 to 15 members of the Special Action Unit wearing balaclava and armed with sub-machine guns to arrest a person for sodomy?

R Venugopal: DSAI, be patient and the truth shall surface. It is a pity that you have to go through the humiliation, time and again. Remember, there are always people behind you all the way till the battle is over. Let us all strengthen our resolve to face PRU13.

Anonymous_3db7: Forgotten to bring along the arrest warrant but did not forget to get 15 clowns to arrest an unarmed civilian?


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