Was Saiful 'planted' in Anwar's office?

your say'It is very clear Saiful was 'planted', and this new witness just confirms what many of us have suspected for a long time.'

Ex-collegemate says Saiful 'hated Anwar'

Hope: Boom, but no explosion. Anwar Ibrahim has nothing going on his side, so he finds a friend of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who has no evidence to corroborate but just to add 'spice'?

Straws are for those with hope. Here, Anwar has no straws.

CiViC: I believe all we want to see is a fair trial. We are not in favour of Anwar. We do not like him. But the trial reflects Malaysia's so-called justice, which is so far no where to be seen.

And each of us here as a citizen has the right to ask for it. Others can try to divert our attention, but it will not take away our rights.

AkuMelayu: I thought the defence was going to create a massive disaster in throwing a bomb at the prosecution by bringing the "mysterious witness". But it turned out to be just a ripple caused by a kid's firecracker (mercun padi).

I could see the defence team is in a desperate situation. They have ran out of trump cards. No more aces to deal. They have to resort to bringing their own man as witness, i.e., Anwar's aide.

When your pay check comes from the man you are defending, your evidence is worth nothing. I will sum up my comment with this famous catchline in the TV programme 'Believe It or Not': "What will they think of next?"

Dan Guliano: Going by Anwar's detractors' logic, the testimonies of the government chemists and police officers are also worth nothing as their paychecks are coming from the government who are bent on convicting Anwar.

Ex Johorean: It is now very clear Saiful was 'planted', and this new witness just confirms what many of us have suspected for a long time.

Only Anwar was stupid to walk into the trap. Many of us have asked how it is possible for a student with such low academic credentials being given such welcome by then DPM Najib Razak.

The connection through Mumtaz Begum is another giveaway because we all know who she "works" for.

Despite all this, the defence still has a difficult task as the "judge" is also insisting on presiding when asked to recuse. Doesn't this all smell a rat?

Fz2379: Those who thinks with the brain are considered smart. And those who follows the court proceedings carefully and willing to be a bit more analytical can see the real thing.

This case is a like a jigsaw puzzle. You just need to put the bits-and-pieces together to see the whole picture. Facts don't lie.

Mystery witness: Saiful viewed Anwar a 'hypocrite'

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: Mohd Najwan Halimi's evidence goes to the heart of the issue of Saiful's credibility.

The evidence, if accepted by the court, may go towards establishing a criminal conspiracy against Anwar, whereby Saiful was planted in Anwar's office in order to ensure easy access to Anwar and later enable Saiful to make the allegation of sodomy against Anwar.

From Najwan's testimony, it is possible that Saiful had a motive to make these allegations against Anwar because of his entrenched hatred or dislike of Anwar and the fact that Saiful's political loyalties were always with Umno.

Anonymous_3f1f: All this while, Saiful claimed he idolised Anwar - God knows what he meant by that. He wanted to show to the whole world that he was close to Anwar and that was the reason he consented.

Now Saiful will say that Najwan is a great liar who is jealous of him since the solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abidin has given a hint of that possibility.

Tired: Whether Saiful idolised or hated Anwar does not matter. What matters is whether Anwar sodomised him as alleged. What's wrong with Saiful changing his mind from hating Anwar to idolising him? People tend to change their likes and dislikes.

I am sure that when it comes to sodomy, those who indulge in it do not discriminate between BN or Pakatan supporters.

The testimony of this mystery witness has not strengthened Anwar's case in any way. In fact, BN supporters will ask this back-stabber Najwan - how much has Anwar paid you?

Bender: Sodomy II is a clear-cut case of political conspiracy. I find it amusing that anyone could ever believe anything that came out of Saiful's mouth, given everything that has been made known about him.

He has no credibility at all and his involvement with some of BN's most powerful figures should indicate what kind of a person he is.

And now with Najwan spilling more beans on him, those who support Saiful should really think hard about his innocence.

But then again, it is also the case that many of those who support Saiful are actually not interested in the truth.

Ferdtan: Our Chemistry Department's forensic division under Sodomy I witness, Lim Kong Boon, failed three times to get international status certification. This shows the ability of the chemists involved with the department.

Yet, they 'claim' to have achieved the world record' in analysing of DNA sample extracted from semen after it has been in the victim's anus for 56 hours, and further 43 hours laying in DSP Jude Pereira's metal cabinet in his office, when the semen was supposed to be in a freezer to preserve the sample? Somebody is lying in court.


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