'EC chief is all bluff and bluster'

VOXPOP 'The EC chairperson should just shut up and follow the constitution instead of making up his own rules.'

EC chief denies making 'no tax, no vote' proposal

Kamarul Ali: EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof should just shut up and follow the constitution instead of making up his own rules.

We are not bothered what other countries practice because it may be in their constitution. In Malaysia, every citizen should be allowed to vote irrespective of where he is as long as he is a citizen of the country, period.

Joker: Basically the EC chief is saying, ‘Apply first, then we will see how.'

The EC has yet to set any pre-conditions for overseas postal voters and yet it asks overseas Malaysians to register first. No sane and efficient organisation or country would ask such a thing. What's the point?

The current law now is overseas Malaysians are not allowed to vote as postal voters. So if they apply now, they will be rejected based on current laws.

It's like saying it's okay to sell drugs now because the government is planning to legalise drugs consumption. If you believe this news, you are more likely to be hanged.

Kgen: Just quit pussyfooting and change the rules to allow more Malaysians overseas to vote. As it is, for full-time students, only government-sponsored students who are fearful of voting against the BN, are allow to register to vote.

Any non-government student is often given the brush off when they approach the Malaysian embassy.

Interested Bystander: EC chief Abdul Aziz said that in the United States, postal voters should be taxpayers. That is totally untrue.

Anonymous: How about those living in the country and who don't pay income tax, can they vote?

Righteous: By the EC chief's reasoning, all expatriates within Malaysia who pay tax and have been here for more than five years should be entitled to vote also.

Truth is all Malaysians should be allowed to vote regardless of where in the world they are - a citizen is a citizen and is entitled by the constitution to vote.

Fly Emirates: Malaysians expect the EC chief to make intelligent statements and not wishy washy ones to suit the occasion. Why should there be any pre-condition for overseas voters?

The only condition should only be that they are still Malaysian citizens. For him to say that Malaysians abroad do not know what is happening in the country is absolute rubbish in face of easy availability of Internet and social media.

Cintaman: Is there no end to the crap coming out of this guy? Can somebody please remind him that eligibility to vote is defined by the constitution and not the practices existing in other countries. He should stop putting his foot in his mouth.

Hello: The EC chairperson is all bluff and bluster! He is denying citizens of the country of their right to vote and he is giving all kinds of excuses. It's better that he resigns from his post and let a really neutral person occupy it.

Stories: I am a student in Singapore and I tried to register as a postal voter. They make life very very hard for me to register and four months down the road, my status still hasn't been changed to postal voter.

To make things worse, when I called the EC to ask what is taking them so long, they requested me to provide a set of documents which obviously the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore didn't inform me about.

Changeagent: Another denial? This reminds me of my favourite quote by one of the main characters in Nasi Lemak 2.0 movie - "Tat man might look lai me, sound oso lai me, but I can tell u 100%, tat man is not mee."

PAS Youth unfazed by Hasan Ali's purge call

Annoyed Malaysian: Hasan Ali is the biggest parasite to the nation. If he is really sincere, he would have stayed in PAS.

Instead, he chose to fight for, among others, the royalty. The royalty is well entrenched in the heart of the nation. They are respected and cherished by all Malaysians. They don't need people like Hasan Ali to protect their interests as none of their position is under threat.

Hasan is just using that as a lame excuse to find favour for his fading cause. Malaysians are not stupid and they know his cunning and lying ways. He is a fraudster; faithless and misguided thoroughly.

ApaNamaDoktor: Hasan Ali had a TV show and when he got demanding, he was ousted. Payback time was to ditch the government and join the opposition.
That time PAS was available and suitable. Imagine being MP in Parit Buntar, the Penang-Perak border town, and a state assemblyperson 400km away in Selangor (in 1999). All because he wanted it.

The peak was being a state exco, but he saw an opportunity to be MB in a unity government in Selangor.

Greed encapsulated this true-bred parasite and that's why his genre is parasitis. We will see how Bayan Baru, Bagan Serai, Kulim, Pasir Mas and Telok Intan will be drained.

Blind Freddo: Does anyone actually read this? Hasan sounds more like a roving preacher from some abstract religious sect that's more interested in repression than he is in progress for the whole nation.

Queenie: Give this frog Hasan Ali a couple of more months and he'll run out of steam. That's because he has not been able to substantiate a single allegation so far.

Soon, he'll be left talking about the solar-powered Bible in his ‘tempurung' (coconut shell) - a voice crying out in the wilderness.


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