Against BN, the EC is just a scarecrow

VOXPOP 'What scarecrows are to open-field agriculture, the EC is to Malaysian electoral democracy.'

EC powerless to act on BN flags at Komuter stations

vox populi small thumbnailTrue Blood: Against BN, the Election Commission (EC) is always powerless to act.

Against Pakatan Rakyat, the EC has such absolute powers as to be able to refuse to accept the notice from the speaker of the Perak state assembly informing them of the resignation of two state assembly representatives.

We do not trust EC and we need Bersih 3.0.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Since when was KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) sold to Umno-BN? If so, then not a sen in taxpayers' monies should be used to maintain, operate and expand KTM.

Malaysia must be the only country in the world where the ruling party controls a railway company. The KTM union must demand that all salaries, perks, allowances and bonuses of the KTM management and staff ought to be paid from the pockets of the Umno-BN leadership.

This is what happens when you have an imbecile MP from Sepang as the KTM chairman. He behaves as if his grandfather owns the railways.

No matter. Even if Umno-BN wrap all the KTM trains with their ‘dacing flag' or PM Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor's faces, the voters are still going to derail the ‘dacing' come GE13.

Hang Babeuf: EC powerless to act. Full stop. Sometimes when you need someone to do real work in the corn field but can spare no one, you set up a scarecrow.

What scarecrows are to open-field agriculture, the EC is to Malaysian electoral democracy. A pathetic, toothless sham.

Ferdtan: EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, this is the reason Bersih 3.0 - to be held on April 28 - is calling on you and your committee to resign.

You seen to be clueless about your duties as an EC chairperson. Now you say you have no power to act on BN flags at Komuter stations. If it were Pakatan flags you would have dug up some obscure laws to bring them down.

Do you remember once when EC contradicted itself when you say it has no power to remove anyone from the electoral rolls; and in the next instant, you made another announcement that all over 90-year-old voters were removed from the list?
If you have any honour left you should resign immediately.

Anon-23: They can hang as many flags as they wish because it means nothing. It is akin to hanging their dirty underwear for all to see.

Hindraf: Pakatan vying for 798 seats but none for us?

Absolom: This country needs another race-based party... like a bullet in the head. After 50-odd years, some people still cannot get it or see the right way forward for Malaysia.

If you still want to have your struggles along racial lines, then Pakatan is not the place. There is another coalition, of racist parties, and all of you like-minded people can tussle with one another for seats there.

The day when people acknowledge that this country does not need race-based politics, schools and NGOs and what-nots, will be the day when it can start to move forward again.

Until then, it will languish in make-believe harmony, discrimination and disunity - all of which will make fertile ground for the thieving powerful few to pillage and plunder the nation's wealth.

Gandhi: The controversial Malay literature book Interlok is a very fine example. Which race went on the streets to protest?

Which party took up the cases of stateless Indians? Who raised the issues of Tamil schools? I don't believe non-Indians are bothered about our culture and religion.

If Indians did not come up with the serious problems concerning them, which multiracial party brought it out in the open? There's no altruism in any multiracial party.

Politicians are the same in every party. First look after themselves and say sweet words to the proletariat. Hindraf is not financially sound but they bring up issues unlike DAP or PKR.

Many commenters here think they are the only ones with God-given brains. Take some time to ponder why Hindraf is adamant. Indians have been cheated for years by multiracial heroes.

Pendatang: Hindraf cannot claim monopoly over the 2008 tsunami. It has since brought the Indians out to vent against Pakatan's inability to bring changes.

Changes have occurred - Pakatan states have clearly shown they care for all and with their limited resources they have done good.

Rome was not built in a day, and Pakatan is trying to change a system that has been screwing all Malaysians for the last 50-odd years.
And Hindraf's theory of mandorism and misleading the Indian poor to believe they are the only ones marginalised, is going to ensure the country will remain as it is for the next 50 years.

If you desire change, please fall in line or get out.

Lie Detector: Can you imagine, giving an ultimatum to top party leaders of the opposition to go down to a field and declare to the whole world that they support all of Hindraf's demands for Indians.

This is Hindraf for you and now they turn around and ask how come you don't give us any seats?


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