No Bersih 3.0 had there been real polls reform

FREE VOXPOP ‘You have got it all wrong, Mr ‘Keris'. The reform you talked about is not whether or not the sit-in will be allowed tomorrow.'

Hisham: Whatever happens tomorrow, my duty's done

Appum: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, what 'duty' have you done that's worthy of the rakyat's respect, except to say that the rally is no threat? And don't bring in the argument that the rally has been hijacked by the opposition.

Most of us are ordinary rakyat who are not members of any political party. Anybody, be it from the opposition or the ruling coalition, is welcome to join the rally to express the same concern that the Election Commission (EC) has little integrity left.

Onyourtoes: You have got it all wrong, Mr ‘Keris'. The reform you talked about is not whether or not the sit-in will be allowed tomorrow.

It is about whether the EC and the government have done enough for free and fair elections. If they are not done, you will face more sit-ins and rallies. You will "loosen things up" provided it is painless to you - that is no reform, but moronic talk.

Always Fair: Reform? What reform, Hishammuddin? Peaceful citizens can't even sit at public places like Dataran Merdeka. Umno is controlling it as if it had built it. You people always want to make a big deal out of a small rally. You simply don't know how to run this country.

Hishammuddin, is this the best speech your publicity team can write to camouflage your real intentions?

You said you may take two steps back, but the irony is, you're the most unfortunate thing to happen to Malaysia, and yes, because of you, the nation is taking two steps backwards.

What exactly have you and Najib done to ensure the voters roll is clean? This is a protest aimed at the EC, urging it to clean the voters roll and get rid of dubious voters and foreigners.

Why are you the one being defensive? Does it not reveal something, like the EC is Umno's one and only effective lifesaver?

Billy The Kid:
Mr ‘Kerismudin', you are insulting our intelligence with your stupid remarks. Flip-flopping is one thing, lying is another thing.

We are all obedient and concerned Malaysians who have tried to accommodate your BN's nonsense. Is that not enough?

Caesar's Wife:
Hishammuddin said, "My conscience is clear." yes, and so ,too, said Pontius Pilate, the judge at Jesus' trial.

Mayor denies DBKL is gov't's Bersih scapegoat

YF: No, Kuala Lumpur mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail, the goat may not have escaped but your moral conscience has, and so has your integrity.

Of course, you are the scapegoat. You are not the home minister. It is the home minister's job to handle security and safety, not yours.

The reason why you are put out to the front is that you are not running for elections so any bad stuff that happens because of what you do will not fall upon Hishammuddin nor Umno.

Fairgo: The reasons given that Dataran Merdeka is not a suitable venue are simply not acceptable and are just lies. How do you, mayor, explain that if you are not taking directives from politicians?

Disbeliever: DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) and the mayor are not scapegoats but rather they are servants to their political masters.

The whole system stinks and they are trying to push the blame onto Bersih 3.0. All the government has to do is allow the peaceful sit-in at Dataran Merdeka and everyone will come out a winner in one way or another.

Please don't say that Bersih has been offered an alternative site such as Stadium Merdeka, because the offer is not sincere. If it were, the offer would have been made from the start and not at the very last minute.

Why consider Bersih a security threat when the home minister had said earlier that Bersih is not a threat?

We have already a flip-flop PM, now it looks like his cousin Hishammuddin has also been infected with the flip-flop virus.

Mayor, now that you are at panic stations, have you changed your mind about having been made a scapegoat?

It is just that you do not appear to be far-sighted enough when you sounded so confident about making Bersih face the music as you did the university students.

What a difference when you see the throngs descend onto Dataran tomorrow. You are not in tune with public sentiment. I cannot say that you have lost your touch because you do not appear to have been in touch with the people's sentiment at all.

You are not a politician. You are a bureaucrat. You just do as you are told by your political masters. You just obey your orders blindly. So please remember this when you are tempted to be arrogant. You only obey.

Tell the Truth: The KL mayor looks like an idiot, sounds like an idiot and is in fact an idiot for he doesn't know what a scapegoat is. He thinks it is a goat that has escaped. All said and done you are a scapegoat and you willingly participate in it.

You can lock down Dataran Merdeka but the people will still be there. You think you can pass the buck to the police? The blood of the people will be on your hands because if you had said yes, the police would not have been involved.

Bartimaeus 2020: Malaysians take heart. In 1986, Corazon Aquino's yellow tidal wave of people's power swept the cruel dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his ‘Marie Antoinette mindset' wife Imelda out of Malacanang Palace and dumped them into the landfill of history.

The same fate awaits the corrupt, gerrymandering Umno coalition here. Nothing can win against people power. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana 1863-1952)

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