Forget burgers and butts, focus on clean polls

YOURSAY 'We have to focus our agenda on the future of the country, which will be stolen by corrupt politicians and EC officials.'

What next? Kuey teow before PM's residence?

your sayJames1067: Tit-for-tat actions are not going to solve any problems. It will only divert our attention from our main agenda - clean and transparent elections.

Let the stupid individuals involved in these disgraceful acts and those agreeing to such acts sort out their mental faculties with their doctors.

We have to focus our agenda on the future of the country, which will be stolen by corrupt politicians, EC officials and those protecting them in exchange for personal benefits.

Jeremy Ng: The blame must be attributed to the official endorsement by deputy inspector-general of police (DIGP) Khalid Abu Bakar.

In his quest for personal benefits, he made a stupid and uncalled for statement. He should be reprimanded.

Ace: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, a highly qualified fellow like you, feel only "uneasy" over the 'butt protest' in front of Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga's home?

We, the rakyat, are not uneasy over the impending ‘stolen' elections - we are absolutely outraged.

Anyway, don't try to fool us with all your nice sounding words once in a while. If you are principled and know right from wrong, you should resign instead of continuing to lead a bunch of gangster-like hooligans and a wing which is famous for barging into legal gatherings and trying to impose their wills onto others.

Abasir: KJ feels "uneasy"? Is that the best he can manage? Uneasy? Not outrage? Not ashamed that his Muslim brethren who only 'minum air suam' disgraced their religion by their BTN-inspired imbecility?

Anyway, who is KJ to feel "uneasy"? His benefactor PM Najib Razak, whose hand we can clearly see behind those lined-up veteran butts, is obviously thrilled.

As the puppeteer of that other butt exercise involving Saiful Bukhari Azlan (who he met to discuss a scholarship), he is obviously back to his old ways.

HangTuah: Khairy, methinks that Umno-BN underestimates the political maturity of the people.

It has allowed the likes of Hasan Ali, Perkasa, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the mainstream media, etc, to spin lies and spew their nonsense and think all this will be gobbled up readily by an unsuspecting rakyat.

There is no denying the burger-and-butt antics are either initiated or sanctioned by the government to humiliate Ambiga just because she champions clean and fair elections.

The backlash is that people - including those that did not take part in the rally - are getting the impression or suspect that the government is not for clean and fair elections.

That's a minus for you guys, is it not? It is also a minus that the antics carried out by the burger-and-butt idiots are infantile, immature and downright vulgar.

Anonymous_3f94: Khairy is only uneasy because a precedent has been set and approved by the DIGP.

Now, Umno is worried about the ‘thosai' sellers appearing at their front door. Why so silent for so long? And what is the prime minister doing about this? Making croissants?

Anonymous_3e86: The big boss in Umno-BN, PM Najib, is still silent. He should have been the first person to condemn these immature acts. Not a single word from him.

Does his silence imply that he endorses these acts by Perkasa - the mock funeral at Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's house - the burger stalls and the army veterans butt exercises outside Bersih co-chair Ambiga Sreenevasan's residence?

Kairos: I believe that the Malaysian public is a matured one and knows how to behave. But looking at the behaviour of the ex-army veterans or the hawkers in front of Ambiga's house or the despicable conduct of Perkasa in front of Guan Eng's house, I am totally cheesed off.

These idiots are a disgrace to all decent loyal citizens of this beautiful country. Every right-thinking Malaysian is insulted by these 'kurang ajar' acts.

What is absolutely strange and inexplicable is the silence of our esteemed leaders. Does it therefore mean that silence is consent and that our PM/DPM and the cabinet condones such disgraceful behaviour? Have they lost their sense of decency and morality?

Anonymous #59082512: We ought to give credit where credit is due. Khairy is at least calling a spade a spade, unlike the other Umno goons or that moron deputy IGP.

But the key question is does Khairy dare to tell this straight to the faces of those from Perkasa, Pekida and the thugs from his own clan?

Swipenter: If we have become a laughing stock to the world, it is due to the credit of Umno.
Just take a look at our judiciary, the antics of Perkasa and the likes, police partiality, MACC's impotency against corrupt BN politicians, but aggressive behaviour towards opposition politicians, Sodomy I & II, etc, they are enough to make us all laugh and cry at the same time for our country.

Patchen: Khairy, your kind of talk is cheap. Anybody can give such advice. What we need is for leaders like the DIGP and KL City Hall to punish those who started the whole episode.

But what did the DIGP do? Instead, he said no crime was committed, thereby encouraging others to do the same. So if you want to look good, tell the DIGP off and tell City Hall to take action. That will be doing something concrete.

Bernard Phillips: Come on Khairy, you should be more than just uneasy with this behaviour.

You should be as outraged as the rest of the country. And being the Umno Youth chief you can help put a stop to this behaviour if you really want to.

And let me also say that it is not the country that will be ridiculed as it is blatantly clear to the rest of the world that the ruling party has direct or indirect control over these indecent and immature displays.

And you should be aware that these actions can get out of control very easily.

Democrat: Poor KJ, he is making lots of sense but people still attack him - all because he is with BN.

Don't be naive to think that the Umno leaders listen to him. They are all worried of him because they can't match his intelligence.

And Mahathir is moving very fast to get him out of the mainstream. As long as Khairy is in, his son Mukhriz can never make it to the top.

Mahathir out, Khairy in. Mahathir in, Khairy out.

Jaguh: Behaviour patterns depends on the leaders, the thinking pattern of leaders, and the style of their leaders.

KJ, please start by 'educating' proper manners to your youths, especially the ones in Penang, and then we will say, you are the right leader, with the right thinking and as you well said, maturity.

What's the point of commenting on maturity when none is practiced?

YF: Why the long silence until now? Is it because when Umno legalised burger-and-butt protests and now other people want to do the same, Umno now does a U-turn?

Nice try, Khairy, but your sandiwara (act) is obvious for all to see.

Mat Malaysia: Okay, let's put politics aside for a moment. We are talking free food here. The way to anyone's heart is through his or her stomach. What's next on the menu?

Khairy, I like ‘kway teow' and I will eat it anywhere... even in front of the prime minister's house if I have to.


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