Time is running out fast for Najib

YOURSAY 'It's not a question of Najib not wanting elections soon. More like he doesn't dare to call it. He is not confident of winning big.'

Dr M: Najib in weak position, should delay polls

your sayCannon: Umno is not about to come out of the intensive care unit any time soon. The doctor in the house knows best.

At least, the boss (Dr Mahathir Mohamad) admits Umno is not ready to take on Pakatan Rakyat. This contradicts sharply with PM Najib Razak's propaganda that his popularity is at an all-time high.

Najib is caught once again in his own deception by none other than the Grand Wizard of the Ketuanan Umno tribe. The fact of the matter is, Umno is in an irreversible tailspin. It has no credibility, having alienated wide segments of the population, as attested by Bersih 3.0.

Umno can wait till all its cows come home. Irrespective of what Najib does, the Chinese voters have already made up their minds. They will not be intimidated by threats or cajoled by sweet talk or bribed by freebies.

After being discriminated against and made the bogeyman by Umno-BN for over 30 years, they are saying, enough is enough.

Aquinas Says: Every other day there will be someone saying that elections will be held very soon. My prediction is it will be either year end or even next year.

It's not a question of Najib not wanting elections soon. More like he doesn't dare to call it. He is not confident of winning big.

However Umno members are getting impatient. They want it held now. In order to deflect attention away from himself, Najib gets Mahathir to say that elections should be delayed.

Umno members should know how the game is played. So don't hold your breath.

Tailek: Dr M, stop talking nonsense. Najib did not inherit a weakened BN from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Najib is the weak link with all the unexplained and undeniable financial and other scandals dogging him and his party, his flip-flop character and his lip service to key policies.

All this 1Malaysia is just all talk no action. The PM does not walk the talk. While Perkasa and other Umno thugs run wild, there is not a word of condemnation by PM. That's why he is weak.

The rakyat know this. We are not fools.

Anonymous #40538199: Najib is weak because the de facto PM wants it that way. He was also sabotaged by Perkasa. Furthermore, there was no talent in Umno to support him.

Sa Tombs: The BN was deliberately made weak by Mahathir and after he had made it weak he passed it on to Abdullah. Then when he found Abdullah was strengthening BN, out of envy and jealousy he began his warped tirade against Abdullah.

Pick-a-bone: No Mahathir, PM Najib did not inherit a weak government from Abdullah.

He inherited a ruthless, corrupt and inefficient government from you, who had clung on for 22 years and in the process, destroyed the fabric of our once fine institutions and exploited the Malay race to the hilt.

Cala: Plainly, Mahathir knows little about economics, much less new institutional economics.

If he does, he should know the hard way that the nature of institutions is shaped by the colonial masters the way British did to Malaysia/North America, and Spaniards did to Latin America.

Likewise, successive leaders too play an active part in further consolidating its nature and hence the character of institutions.

In other words, widely viewed as the destroyer/decimator of Malaysian socioeconomic and political institutions, who else but he is to take the blame?

Remember institutional change takes time and it changes only incrementally. Mahathir should not try to confuse the public with his near-zero knowledge in economics, and new institutional economics.

LittleGiant: Mahathir, the ex-PM, is still very much in the driver's seat and seems happy to treat Najib, the PM, as just a passenger without even the basic navigational skills.

And Mahathir seems very confident that Najib can shore up enough support for BN within the next four or five months.

It is childish of Mahathir to think that the people's memory is so short that they will forget all the clownish and thuggish acts of Umno in a matter of few months and swing their support to BN.

Datos: Nothing much can be done now as the whole of BN is in a downward spiral. There is no suitable time for GE anymore.

It can only get worse, with the Scorpene case so far not in his favour (to put it mildly) and his inability to control the goons from harassing the opposition in ceramah and Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga.

His shallowness in backing the petty traders on their losses, but failure to hear the cry of the general public in Bersih 3.0 will be his Waterloo.

Kgen: Why is Najib in a weak position? You mean all that cheating isn't going to help? What a crying shame.

NuckinFuts: Do you think the bumbling prime minister has his pulse on the Eurozone crisis or the slowdown in China or our nation's economic competitiveness?

He is more worried about being extradited to France when someone else takes over the government.

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