PTPTN freeze debacle: Damage already done

YOURSAY ‘Why tell us the 'good news' now when PTPTN should not have announced the bad news in the first place.'

PTPTN backs down on Unisel, Kuis loan freeze

your sayGobsmacked!: The PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund) loan freeze was a test for PKR, so said Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

If you really want to test, then make the funds available as though PKR were running the federal government. Otherwise, it is like sending someone to do a test without pen, paper and pencil. Try doing it, Muhyiddin.

You and the higher education minister would have a rebellion from Umno Youth if you had not desisted. Your action has done more harm than good to your cause.

In fact, you have shown yourselves to be stupid bullies willing to use the innocent students as bargaining chips. With people like you, Umno really has no hope.

Kelantanese: Freeze lifted or not, the damage is already done. The event shows how low the Umno-BN can go in disregarding the people's interests.

I hope the students and the Malaysian people will learn their lessons from this episode. Kick Umno-BN out of Putrajaya in GE13. Period.

Hopeful123: Students of all levels of education, please keep your datuks, neneks and all other loved ones back in the kampung informed about the evil propensities of the government.

Any good government should look into the betterment of its citizens, not trying to induce fear and uncertainties in them, especially the students.

To all students - you are the backbone and future of Malaysia. Do not let unscrupulous people ruin our future and that of our generations to come. Stand up and be counted.

Lim Chong Leong: Umno has already shown its true colours, that it will play politics with our money and our children's future to childishly challenge their opponents to syok sendiri and to bully citizens into subservience.

Well it didn't work this time, and we will not be cowed.

Free And Fair Election: It's a case of who will blink first. Obviously Umno must have been thinking that they now have Selangor at their mercy, but never did Umno imagine that the outcome would be so negative towards them.

It's really obvious that signs of cracks are appearing on Umno's once-strong armour. They can no longer command the favour of the rakyat.

The opposition had better prepare a good package for the rakyat when the GE13 comes.

They better have good people who will sit in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), judiciary, police and all other government departments when BN falls. Don't be caught with their pants down like in March 8, 2008.

It's about time they think of how to revamp the Election Commission (EC) and other such departments. It's about time they sit down realistically and figure out how to move the old government out as well as guarantee the safety of the nation.

All these are very possible from the signs of how weak Umno already is, so Pakatan Rakyat must be ready when the time comes.

Mahindar Singh: They always say when your end is near, you tend to do very strange things. Whoever thought of this disastrous strategy should be sacked.

How can one even think to discriminate and penalise the students and their parents who are paying taxes.

On top of this, I understand most of the students affected are Malays, but this is not the point.

I had always believed that Umno protected the Malays, and now the perception is that it is not the case - it protects only their cronies.

Nah! Nah! Nah!: Firstly, PTPTN has pawned the students' future by taking revenge on the state of Selangor. Secondly, is the money owned by PTPTN?

Thirdly, why did the higher education minister give such an instruction? He thinks the money is his? Did he abuse his power by taking revenge on the opposition? And now you say it's good news?

Not Confused: I am currently rolling on the floor laughing till my sides burst. It's even funnier, realising that this imbecilic action has turned even more students against the pathetic BN regime.

Every day, they show even more signs of their abject desperation. They know their backs are against the wall, but keep on making decisions and statements that make their plight even worse.

Anonymous_40a7: "Good news! For the sake of the rakyat, PTPTN has agreed to disburse loans to Unisel students," said an Umno Youth tweet.

Really? If you guys have not freeze the loans in the first place, none of this nonsense would have occurred. But since you did, congratulations - for shooting yourselves in the foot.

Anonymous_3ff5: Why tell us the 'good news' now when PTPTN should not have announced the bad news in the first place. As always, a flip-flop decision over a non-issue.

It is for the higher education minister to announce the so-called 'good news' and not Umno Youth, as otherwise it appears this was part of an Umno agenda of threats and bullying tactics.

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