Minister, don't gamble with air travellers' lives

YOURSAY 'The question is not if the system is ‘doing fine'. The question is why was the tender was given to a minister's family?'

'How did minister's kin land costly air traffic system?'

your sayLittleGiant: Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha's response that "the system is working fine" is totally irresponsible.

Can the government prove beyond any doubt that the company awarded the contract has the experience and expertise to manage air traffic control systems, which is extremely sophisticated and requires 100 percent technical know-how and back-up?

What was DCA's (Department of Civil Aviation) role in awarding the contract? Did it put in all its stringent checks and measures to ensure that there was no compromise?

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) must step in to find out why such a technically sophisticated contract was awarded through ‘closed tender'?

We have already heard of contracts to build and manage hospitals awarded to companies with zero experience in the field. And now an air traffic control system.

The government cannot play with people's lives, which is priceless compared to the business interests of some minister's kin. Such BN system of ‘closed tender' must be abolished once and for all.

Telestai: I don't understand why the government is mucking around when purchasing something as critical as an air traffic control system.

One minor glitch in the system will result in the loss of hundreds of lives. Is rewarding a minister's kin more important than the lives of air passengers?

Tpn: The question is not if the system is "doing fine". The question is why was the tender was given to a minister's family through "closed negotiations"?

Odin: Kong Cho Ha, the deputy director of the National Air Traffic Control Centre and 10 others jointly wrote a letter to their director about the HMI (Human Machine Interface) being unsatisfactory.

Inaccurate radar readings pose a very high risk to the safety of aircraft such as those circling an airport at different altitudes while waiting for clearance to land. Hundreds of millions of ringgit and hundreds or even thousands of lives may be lost should an accident occur in midair.

Your response shows an irresponsible attitude to the matter. Is it because among the party responsible is the son of a minister?

Kairos: The longer the PM waits to call the GE, the more filth and dirt is uncovered that will spell doom for BN. One corruption scandal after another is being unearthed. It seems to be a bottomless pit.

What makes the whole corruption process so repulsive is the way the anti-corruption agencies respond to all these exposures, including the Scorpene purchase and the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) scandal.

They turn a blind eye to these massive abuse of taxpayers' money. Whatever little trust that is left in the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and their likes has totally evaporated into the thin air.

Fair&Just: Still awarding contracts to cronies and kin?

We have moral studies in Form Five but the leaders here do not understand conflict of interest, corruption, cheating, theft, pillaging, plundering, etc.

And just like in an examination, the same subject should be made compulsory for all ministers and civil servants to pass before they are allow to take up their posts.

Johorean: The minister said so far the system is working fine and there is no incident. Well, does he want an air crash before admitting that there are something wrong with the system?

Any contract given to a family of a minister is clear conflict of interest.

Anonymous #21828131: In safety management, it takes several minor incidents before a major accident happens. A reassessment of the system should be carried out immediately by DCA. Pride goes before a fall. Only in this case, peoples' lives are at stake.

I am sure that for the DCA deputy director to come up with a complaint, there is definitely something wrong with the system, as opposed to Kong a layman at that, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of the operation of the system.

Kosongcafe: This is another case of MCA minister involved in another suspicious contract. But this time, unlike PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), not only money was involved, but the lives of air travellers are at stake.

How could he be willing to take on such an enormous responsibility just to please an Umno ex-minister?

MCA ministers should re-think their role in BN and consider if any compromise asked of in any given situation is worth their integrity and honour. Please do not just think in terms of your position and wealth. Think of the consequences too.

Anonymous_3e21: Well done MP Nurul Izzah Anwar, we the public want to know the name of the minister whose family received the contract.

This is serious matter as it involves the safety of air passengers. Do the government want something to happen, and then start giving excuses?

Loyal Malaysian: This news report is very troubling and worrisome for anyone who flies in our country's airspace.

I will pray very hard that Kong's denial of problems with the air traffic system is true, for the alternative is unthinkable - that these immoral and unscrupulous Umnoputras are willing to risk people's lives for their own material gains.

Yet the fact is that we know it is not beyond them - just look at Lynas.

Anonymous #88174484: How did a certain minister's family get a RM250 milllion soft loan for cattle rearing even though they had zero experience?

And now, this.

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