Najib, aren't debates part of Parliament?

FREE YOURSAY 'This explains why there is no debate in Parliament. We brainless people just approve whatever gets tabled.'

Najib: Debates not our political culture

your sayAnonymous #32993250: Prime Minister Najib Razak, what you are doing in Parliament is debating and debating, so that a conscious decision is made on an issue. Debating is a civilised form of settling an issue. In a debate, you put forth your point of view so the public can decide who is right and take a stand.

You should be encouraging people to debate. But judging from your statement, it seems henceforth all schools, colleges and universities should ban debates, since it is not a culture in Malaysia.

We will refrain from sending our rep to the UN so that he will also not be debating with other national leaders, as that is against our culture.

Anonymous #61683084: This explains why there is no debate in Parliament. We brainless people just approve whatever gets tabled because debating isn’t our culture.

Mohd Radzi Ibrahim: So what are MPs doing in Parliament, day in and day out? Chit-chatting?

Sarajun Hoda: Najib's comments saying debates are not our culture insults our intelligence. He is just a PM who gets temporarily to run the country, so who gives him the right to decide for everyone else?

The debate is a process for the intelligent and the brave to make their arguments in a civilised and matured way. Only thieves, the corrupt with facts to hide and those lacking intelligent capacity will fear debates. Which of these possibilities is Najib?

The way he talks, behaves and decides, it clearly shows that he feels as PM he actually owns the country and owns us all. As if all the public money in the coffers belongs to him for him to spend as he wills with total impunity.

He thinks for us, decides for us and tells us what we can and cannot/must not do. That’s tyranny, no? Is Najib greater than god?

Anonymous #32993250: Najib, we wonder what our political culture is. To you, showing porn to a group of journalists to discredit an opposition leader is our national culture, throwing stones and eggs at an opposition rally is Umno's political culture, selling burgers in front of someone’s house and showing your butt against a fellow citizen is a culture you love. But debates against an adversary is not Umno 's political culture. What a great thinking PM we have.

Imraz Ikhbal: So debate and street protests are not our political culture eh, Prime Minister Najib Razak? Then what is? Is corruption and deception our political culture?
Samuel Ng: And is stealing public funds our political culture?

I guess Ah Jib Gor (Brother Najib) is right. Umno’s culture is not to use brains and intellect to debate and discuss, their members use thugs, burger stalls, butts and threats of violence maybe.

Rolling Thunder: Debates are good for the country instead of encouraging politicians to resort to personal attacks against one another; it's never too late to introduce intelligent debating. It can start with you, Najib. Your statement reflects badly on your level of intelligence and the qualities of the politicians BN has.

As PM, you can spearhead a change in our political culture then, if you say it is currently not our culture. No one will stop you. Everyone would like to watch an intelligent point-to-point argument instead of encouraging backstabbing, framing and bad mouthing of the opponents.

‘Anonymous #32993250’, thanks for your simple and elegant rebuttal of that pompous and petulant pink-lipped poltroon who genuinely believes he has a mandate to squander the national purse and commit serious crimes with impunity - while flaunting the extravagant excesses of his kampung wife who sees herself as an empress.
Jimmy Ng: Ah Jib Chai (Little Najib), since when did you get to decide whether or not debates are not the culture in this country? The question we have for BN-Umno is whether or not they will relinquish Putrajaya peacefully and smoothly should they lose the election, without resorting to burning official files (which by itself can be considered as a deliberate act of attempting to make incriminating evidence of corruption disappear) if Pakatan wins in the next GE.

Is BN-Umno willing to sign a public declaration to this effect? We all know that you have the ‘Rela’, mat rempit and Perkasa and Pekida thugs on your payroll waiting to do your bidding in the event of an inevitable Pakatan win come next GE.    

DeUSChallengerReturns: Najib, tell the truth and shame the devil. Admit you do not have the intelligence to debate with the Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. Be frank. If you dare to face Anwar, you know very well that you will be torn apart.
Anonymous #18452573: A scripted leader fears debate for it may reveal his weaknesses. If any leader is worth his salt and truly has the nation at heart to defend, he would take on any opposition leader.

But when a leader is scripted, he is afraid he will sound like a buffoon. We need courageous leaders to take Malaysia into the next generation and not those who hide behind culture and old ways of telling us what to do and not listening to us.

2cts Worth: Ah Jib Gor you are just plain yellow in cringing from a debate. Debating is not our political culture? Can we say the numerous scandals involving corruption is our culture? Men of intellect and substance desire to debate. If you haven’t got it, you haven’t got it Najib.   

Anonymous #18452573:
Najib is scared. It takes a charismatic leader to debate and not a leader who wasn't even elected by the public to be the PM. He also issued a gag order. Only thing was it was on himself.

But the good thing is, it seems Najib supports Bersih because he wears yellow - on the inside.

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